About Elemental Therapies


Anne Ferguson is the founder of Elemental Therapies. Anne has worked in the field of colonics for 10 years, and her personal health challenges years ago prompted her to seek alternative natural treatments. Anne felt drug prescriptions were no longer the answer for her, and self education led her to Colon Hydrotherapy as an alternative treatment. Within months, Anne was feeling better – full of energy with an entirely different – positive – outlook on life. 

After years in the field of colon therapy and a believer in the benefits of alternative health treatments, Anne had the energy and drive to share her knowledge and zest for living with others – Elemental Therapies was born. 

Much more than a colonic irrigation center, Elemental Therapies utilizes the latest equipment in Colonics, Registered Massage Therapy Salt Room therapyFIR Infrared Sauna and Ion Detox Foot Baths and has dedicated treatment rooms where clients can relax, listen to light music while undergoing therapy. 

A relaxing time-out from a busy and demanding lifestyle doubles the therapeutic value of your treatment. Helping our clients restore wellness in Mind, Body, and Spirit – this is what Elemental Therapies is truly about.  

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