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Salt Therapy – Salt Room Halotherapy

 Salt caves used as a health treatment (speleotherapy) promote improved respiratory health. Elemental Therapies’ Salt Room provides a simulated salt cave experience that is rich with imported Dead Sea salts. In fact, 2 tons of sea salt fills the room – from wall to wall and on the floor.

Salt Chamber

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 A salt-rich microclimate is further established with the dry salt aerosol. Dry salt aerosol is created by a generator which crushes pharma grade salts into small particles which are safely inhaled during therapy.These small particles of salt are negatively ionized and bear a very high kinetic energy.This ensures they get into the deepest and smallest parts of the lung. The negative ionization of salt aerosol increases the efficiency of healing and cleanses our airways. The dry salt aerosol produced contains 80% of respirable (“breathable”) particles, which speed up mucociliary transport (mucus clearing), alleviates bronchial inflammation, and removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen).

Think of the salt room as a passive way to restore health.

 Salt Room Therapy Benefits

The benefits of Halotherapy have been well studied, particularly in Eastern Europe where it is standard treatment for bronchial and respiratory ailments and to promote overall well being. Salt rooms have beneficial effects on people afflicted with:

 Cystic Fibrosis













 Upper Airway Inflammation


Many of these conditions affect respiratory health and diminish quality of life. Salt chamber therapy helps restore your ability to breathe clearly and thus improve your lifestyle.

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View the Result of the 2006 study in the New England Journal of Medicine on Halotherapy on Cystic Fibrosis.

What does our Halotherapy - Salt Room Treatment Entail?  

The salt room (salt chamber) provides a soothing meditative space which heals your lungs and your soul at the same time. You just walk in, relax in one of several zero-gravity loungers, and breathe while listening to the theta realm music (or you choose). You will relax your body and your mind as you clear your lungs.

One treatment session lasts 45 minutes, and depending on the complaint 10-25 sessions may be suggested. You can enjoy the salt room session alone or with several companions or family members, as it is beneficial for all ages. There is no limit on the number of sessions you take.