Colon Hydrotherapy 

 Colon hydrotherapy , often referred to as colonic, colon irrigation or colon cleansing, is the gentle introduction of pure filtered water into the bowel to trigger the behaviour of the bowel . This behaviour; a squeezing, undulating movement, is called peristalsis and it causes the contents of the bowel to move through the colon and out.  Colon hydrotherapy cleanses  and exercises the bowel, and hydrates the body. Through colonic irrigation - a safe, effective, sanitary and comfortable approach to colon cleansing - good colon health can be restored because it exercises the bowel . 

clients love elemental

"Great Service- A very clean and welcoming environment. The staff was so friendly and patient with me as it was my first time getting a treatment. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone, and I would definitely use the services again. Great referral programs as well Elemental Therapies offer! Great business ethics, great personality from the staff and great deals!"


Why get Colon Hydrotherapy?

 The North American diet is one of the worst in the world dominated by refined, processed foods and food treated with insecticides, pesticides, fat sugar and salt. Our digestive system simply can't handle and evacuate these foods on its own and the result is poor health.  The colon is a major part of our digestive system and its here where food is stored and absorbs minerals, vitamins and nutrients while excreting toxins. When the colon isn't working properly it doesn't do its job effectively. The result is a build up of toxic fecal matter, undesirable bacteria, and a failure to absorb the beneficial elements of our food. Colon cleansing via colon hydrotherapy helps restore digestive health and you thus reap the associated health benefits.

Our clients appreciate the angel of water

"From the moment I stepped through the front door, all throughout my introduction to the Colon Hydrotherapy and down to the nutrtition analysis my experience was physically and emotionally wonderful. The process itself is the most comfortable and relaxing way of releasing waste and you feel energized and renewed immediately after the procedure. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make each visit a little escape. I am so happy I found my elemental oasis! Thank you!" : I.K.

Colon hydrotherapy at Elemental Therapies

At Elemental we use The Angel of Water TM FDA approved open Colon Hydrotherapy System.

To ensure a pure detox we have an Excalibur Water Filtering System installed at a building level, which removes clorine and flouride from all of our water. 

benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

 Reported benefits of colon cleansing are nearly too long to list. From weight loss to better digestive health to an overall sense of well being, it is one of our most in demand services.

Benefits of Colonics Include: 


  • Relieves Constipation - by staying regular, you avoid bloated feelings and gain a sense of "lightness" and resultant increases in energy.
  • Weight Loss - Clearing up literally many pounds of fecal matter lodged in the colon is a weight loss benefit, but improving digestion effectiveness also helps promote regularity.
  • Detoxification and Illness Prevention - A healthy colon prevents autointoxication, which means fecal matter toxins are absorbed via the bloodstream, leading to immune system weakening and susceptibility to a host of illnesses. A healthy colon can also contribute to faster recovery from illness.
  • Nutrient Absorption - Get the most out of the good foods you eat. A healthy colon promotes far better absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients - naturally.
  • Preventative Non-Medicinal - The benefits of colon irrigation promote a healthy colon and a healthy colon is less susceptible to one of the most common forms of cancer - colon cancer. Also, irritable bowel syndrome sufferers report colonic irrigation has made a positive difference for them and have included colon cleansing as part of their healthy living routine.
  • More - The best benefits of colon hydrotherapy are the ones you realize. We encourage you to try an initial therapy session yourself!


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