Energy Healing

The human being is an open system of energy that lives in an energy environment which is constantly shifting and moving. A healthy body thrives in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy. 

Energy therapy encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability by opening up the flow of energy, clearing emotional blockages and detoxifying itself.

Alison Bastarache

Enhancement Energy Healing , Intuitive Reiki Master & Energy worker

I began my career in the field of traditional medicine as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and worked for Hamilton Health Sciences for 17 years, specializing in Transfusion Medicine. In 2002 I experienced frightening symptoms of tingling, numbness and double vision leading to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  I began my journey to back to health with conventional western medicine. I also started working with a Naturopath, practicing yoga and embracing a holistic outlook to health and wellness. In 2009 I took my Reiki Level I and I was hooked. Reiki Level II and meditation introduced me to spiritual healing. I am now drug and “Dis”ease free. I became a Reiki Master in 2013 and continue to regularly practice meditation and Qigong. 

Universal Energy is Infinite. We are all energy. This single awareness can bring about both physical and spiritual growth. We feel our best when our energy is freely flowing – we are healthy and connected. When our energy does not flow smoothly or is blocked that is when we experience “Dis-ease” or disconnection with the universe. Our bodies are miraculously designed for self-healing. 

My growing awareness of energy and the healing power it holds has continued to expand my life in amazing ways. While continuing to enhance my body, mind and spirit, I have been guided to share my wisdom through teaching, meditation, channeling and sharing energy with others wishing to heal.

What happens during an Intuitive Reiki Session?

Upon arrival we will have a short discussion to explore your health concerns, beliefs and goals for energy healing. Most sessions take place lying on a massage table but can also be done sitting in a chair if that is preferred. Reiki is a gentle hands-on treatment in which I will facilitate you into a meditative state. I will then channel life force energy into your body and your body’s intelligence will take it where it is needed.  

My energy work includes channeling and working with Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors; also merging with the higher self of my client to connect them to their inner wisdom. This connection will feel loving, positive and truthful. As this information is coming through my filters I ask that you only take what vibrates with your soul and release the rest back to the universe.

I look forward to working with you to enhance your healing.    Namaste